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Please don't leave an untended vehicle so that access to the gate in the overflow parking area near the pond at the entrance to the subdivision is blocked. The water company needs to get to the building at the far end of the field occasionally.
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The latest neighborhood directory has been published in the member's area. Residents are requested to check the listing for their household, and report any needed changes to Peri, the HOA Secretary.

You may register for access to the member's area HERE .
Reforestation Begins
__Okay, we planted some trees . . __

Welcome to our (4) newest residents: known to some locals as "sarvis"... these are Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry trees. They are indigenous trees that bloom longer than Bradfords & will attract bees, then birds (to the edible fruit, but birds won't leave any) and the tree turns orange-to-red in the Fall. They are 'behind' the Bradfords now, but when Bradfords 'leave' - the Serviceberry will be there to invite us into the neighborhood. We can add more (of same, across road) later.
Event Notice
__The 2018 Boo Bash__

Took place on Saturday, 27Oct2018.

Our thanks to Carol and all the others who work so hard to make occasions such as this enjoyable for the entire community. See the pictures HERE.