Hunter's Glen/Cove Homeowners Association
We're located between Hendersonville and Brevard on Highway 64 in Horse Shoe, NC
Hunters Glen started development 25-30 years ago, and has matured into a well kept, beautiful community. The Glen was developed in two phases, the first from the bottom to midway up Davenport mountain, and the second phase from the middle of Davenport mountain to the top.  Most of the homes have been remodeled. Most have three bedrooms, two baths, rear decks, and developed basement areas.

A third phase (the Cove) is about 1/2 built. Lots are sold, and about 1/2--2/3 are developed. The Cove is characterized by larger lots and custom houses, and is located at the top and east face of Davenport mountain.

Many of the above homes come with mountain views.

The original demographic was 55-65 years old, approaching or in retirement, looking for a residence in Western North Carolina. The major draw seemed to be (and still is) the diversity of arts, entertainment, and an unusually high diversity of services given the relatively small size of our communities. (Ask where's the best bagel in town, and you get 14 opinions, not "what's a bagel".) Most homeowners were Northeast and Midwest transplants -- middle class professionals from business, government or education..

The demographics are changing gradually as original owners mature and find that maintaining a house and yard is no longer to their liking. New buyers range in age from 35-55, including new retirees as well as younger families. Most are also transplants from diverse locations in the US. At a recent neighborhood get together, there were lots of happy comments  ' ...we didn't realize there were so many kids in the neighborhood '.

Our neighbors tend to be active -- involved in their careers (or second careers), and volunteers here and in the surrounding communities. The one scarcity seems to be a lack of worn-out rocking chairs!